NEC Motorcycle Live show - 19th - 27th November

if anyone wants to do a weekday visit i might free as i work odd days.

oooh might go as I’ve been thinking about getting some offroading gear… an Airoh helmet or some clothes that can get nice and muddy as I don’t want to damage my Shoei or my Goretex suit! :smiley:

Not sure what sort of variety there is going to be there… will it be worth it for sth like that?

I can help you tuck your boobies in if u need help :smiley:

I’m sure captain slow and alex will be along soon enough too :stuck_out_tongue:


i bring the lube and Jamie can push the puppys in while i lick he’s ear :slight_smile:

No! :stuck_out_tongue:

You’d be far better off going to this on 3-6 Nov instead:

interesting… might pay it a visit as it is a bit sooner and I wanted a helmet sooner rather than later!

When I say offroad though… I mean taking a SM greenlaneing so might be a bit 'out of my depth there :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

yep got all biking gear

Your much better of going to the Dirtbike show if its ann MX helmet your after. Ive been to both shows quite a few times. The NEC wont have a very good selection of MX helmets at all. The dirtbike show has loads obviously, you’ll see SM boots there too and a few SMs kicking about. Go to the Race tech stand and if you see a helmet there you like do some haggling as they usualy do a good price. If you can speak to a guy called Joe and tell him David, the guy with the trick 525 in the army sent you. He knows me well, he used to work at AMS and always sorts me out. Realy dont waste your time going to the NEC if its just SM/MX gear your after as you’ll find it a big waste of time

I bow to ASBO’s superior knowledge - never been to dirtbike show :cool:

Looks like I will be travelling up on the wednesday 23rd from west london and got 2 spare seats for those interested. I live in West london so easy to get onto motorways to NEC - also very near chiswick park tube on district line for those wanted to travel to me by tube before we go to NEC. :slight_smile: Car has a decent boot for all the goodies that will be bought !

Cheers ASBO! :slight_smile:

Ok now to try to make it up there…

Damnit that will be three weekends in a row I have to go to Cheltenham! :smiley:

Ive been quite a few times to both. NEC is only 30-40 min from me and the Dirtbike show about 20 min. NEC was good for MX gear back in the day but im talking a good 10 years ago.

me and my dad are thinking about it just not like the price tag on train fars like £30 eatch =[ was thinking is there 2 spaces going in someones car will chip in petrol or if theres people wanting to go go in my dads cars if people will chip in petrol lol just rather go in a car then on train and it will be cheaper if we chip in petrol unless you drive i hummer ofc lol

think me and gavin are going to go on a weekday when its quieter, and will be going in my TT if we can find the time after getting our highlights done :laugh: convoy anyone?

I am defo going mid week - wednesday - got 1 seat taken and some one already thinking about the other 2 - if they decline will let you know DTR. Not sure I want to be in a hairdressers convoy Leon !!:slight_smile:

We are going up on the train on Saturday 26th, cos the station’s right inside the NEC; no sitting on the M1 & can have a beer :slight_smile:



I’ll be going up on the Last Sunday in the car just for a looksieBigGrin

Im going on the 19th

I’m now thinking going on the last day will be a bit of a fail seeing as I plan to buy quite a bit… Might go down the weekend before instead.

Are you sure with all the list of items you are planning to buy?? :stuck_out_tongue:

** Wednesday the 23rd** im driving up, who’s in for the wednesday?