NEC Motorcycle and Scooter Show 2008 Pics

Suzuki Stall:

Yamaha Stall:

Ducati Stall

Triumph Stall

Kawasaki Stall

Hyosung Stall

Honda Stall

KTM Stall

Random Shots

Custom Bikes

Good pctures mate.

yes and very well presented…gotta love those custom bikes, although not a fan of the classic chopper style…

Nice pics, those Hyosungs are looking better and better ( © Chunky Predictions)

Eugh :sick: Sorry folks but that custom is just plain ugly (the one in the large pic)

some good shots there

thanks all. its was a nice show. love the '09 R1

gotta disagree about the 09 R1, that massive white streetfighter was my favourite bike there. Nitrous bottle in the rear seat unit!!:smiley: