NEC Bike show

Pouty and myself are heading up there on Friday 27th i beleieve its a bit more to get in but hopefully there won’t be the masses of people on the weekend.

If you are going what are you hopeing to see/buy?

I’m thinking on going up there but i don’t now when.

I’m hoping to go :slight_smile:

Just have to sort out tickets and the day…

Probably won’t go. The NEC seems to get slightly worse every year, and the added to the mixed several manufacturers have pulled out seems that it won’t be very good.


Forgot about Honda and co. not going… :unsure:

Still find it hard to understand why they have it this time of year tbh


Wont be going, heard so many bad things about it seems a pointless task

I’m goin’ … you never know what you’ll find by way of a deal … ‘new bike sir’ … ‘Oh go on then’! :w00t:

£28 to go on the 27th instead of the normal £15, which considering that you’re paying for the opportunity to let people sell you stuff is pretty much taking the pizz.

Went on the preview day last year as it was the only day I could make it & it was pretty deserted, which in some ways was nice, but it didn’t really make for much of an atmosphere.

me and the girlfriend are heading up on the 28th

I have to go on Trade Day because of work, but I suspect that within a couple of hours I will be done and on my way home.

I’m going up on Saturday the 28th and coming back the next day.

Visiting in a professional capacity, too. Which is nice!

I will probably have to go so I can try on an XXS shoei XR1100 - unless I can find a shop that has that size in stock
Wont be the 27th though

yea, think i’ll get the train up on the sat morning

I am going on Friday the 4th

I intend to go as I like the whole going just to sit on new shiny bikes. Alot of the good manufacturers are going to be there so I really dont mind. Last year was good… I learnt that I love the R1 so I know what Im now saving up for :smiley:

myself and the missis are going to go, we might make a weekend of it and go fri night/sat morning and stay and go out somewhere in birmingham.

Not 100% sure though, i think we will drive up though as then we can buy stuff!!

Looking out for new gloves and boots! Insurance will be paying as need them replaced as they suffered light damage in my recent off.:stuck_out_tongue:

Going up on the 6th December with 3 buddies. who cares if its not as good as it used to be, its a day out for 15 quid!!!

i want to go but I can’t…:crying:

Going on Wed 2nd. Prob not as good as it used to be but still a day out of the office :smiley:

Will be going up on the 2nd with work!! Then planning to go back on the 6th to nab a few bargins - new textile jacket, paddock stand plus some bits and bobs :slight_smile: