NEC bike show

Is anyone going or organising a rideout to the NEC this year ? Havn’t seen any posts/threads about it, I aint been for a few years and thinking about going just to see what I cant afford !!

I’ve got my ticket. Will probably go up in the car though on the last weekend :slight_smile:

There is a thread somewhere. I think a few peoplw were mentioning going on 27th November.

A couple of LB’ers have got there bikes on the Streetfighters stand :cool: and I’ll prob go up there with them :slight_smile:

Ahh right well being a div I never spotted another thread about it, :slight_smile: shoulda used the search link, not safe outta my padded cell you know :smiley:

I am now going up there by bike as the wife needs the car, so Westie are you going to ride up with me.

I will be there in the car on the 28th if anyone needs anything brought back :smiley:

Bring us back a 1098 in red will ya?;):smiley:

ZZR1400 for me please, how jolly decent of you :):stuck_out_tongue:

:stuck_out_tongue: Ha Ha

Right let me rephrase, myself and other half will be there on said day, so if anyone has gone up there and purchased something (numbers will have been exchanged beforehand of course as i am not telepathic) then i can bring them back in the car for you.

Spoil sport, i didn’t get a chance to order my new bike form you HAHA

I dont think i can afford taking a day off to go to the bike show and i dont go to show`s on weekends, so my ticket is up for sale, i paid £13 if anyone wants it.

i`ll grab it off you please!!

Its yours mate, ill give you a call later today.

Loks like I’ll be going on Friday 30th in the cage. Should have room for a passenger or 2 :slight_smile: