NEC Bike show, what did you think?

So who went?
What did you buy?
Was it any good, did you enjoy the experience?

I went
didn’t buy anything
It wasn’t that good!

It was ok. The 2014 Fireblade special edition was nice.

I didn’t buy anything, there doesn’t seem to be as many stands as there once was.

It was ok, I think I enjoyed the drive there more than the show though.

I went

I didn’t buy anything (for once)

I enjoyed it, saw lots of new shiny metal, liked the antics from the trials and BMX guys on the cranked stage, was slightly disappointed by ‘Behind Bars’ but good effort. Saw the CCM 450 and thought it would be worth a test ride, and was impressed by all the new stuff from KTM, they have been busy. And the drive there was shite, what is it about motorways for you Joby?

We went didn’t buy much. Had a look at some touring bikes. I would like to see all the touring and travel stands put back together in one hall. :slight_smile:

I watched the BMX guys for a few minutes. One of the guys was pretty old, looked like he was a BMX dad that turned up and though he’d have a go.

But you did buy one of the heaviest items you could find to lug home haha

We went with Dawns nephew who I had to pretty much carry for the whole day

Brought new Gloves and a number of beers :smiley:

Was good, gutted Yamaha hadn’t done a new R1 so looks like it will defo be the RSV4 next year!

The Yamaha off road school were there. The exact same chaps we met this summer at the LB off road day. I’d definitely be up for doing that again this year.

i went.

i bought 3 t shirts and some knee sliders.

i liked it had a right good chat with the guy from acu about geting my licence and took loads of photos i must say the new ccm gp450 was my fav bike at the show

I went, had a great time sitting on new bikes etc and showing a newbie mate around

I went and bought shed loads …

  • Alpinestar goretex boots @ £85 off
  • Shoei GT Air @ £100 off
  • Airbag vest (for the morning suicide run to work) @ £150 off
  • plus various bits for my bike …

And signed up to be a ‘blood runner’ for Kent Serve, with my Training day Thus Sunday :wink:

Arrived set 10am, left at 5pm!

I went, tried out loads of bikes for size, quite liked the look of the new Royal Enfield Continental and the Indian Classic (the bog standard one). Would still go for a V Max if I won the lottery though…
Got a new Furygan leather jacket fifty quid off list price and an ABBA Wheel Spin with a tenner off to help clean the wheels on the Guzzi cos it’s only got a prop stand… Nice ride back to London on the train travelling first class. Lovely.

and if you didn’t go, then here’s some of what you missed.