NEC Bike Show, sunday 6th

Anyone going? Im gona be there early doors to get me name down for the good stuff, helps not living far from there.

Not 100% if im going by bike or car, depends if i got the bike sorted.

Im already gona be meeting Hanna, anyone else who fancies meeting at some point at the show pm me and if your a hot chic i’ll give you me num… im feeling kind i’ll give you my num even if your some short fat bloke, you know like MD sort of looking :w00t::hehe:

Bum crap and pants…Lally and I were gonna be going, but neither of us have the cash. I still want to go but can’t afford to get up there. Crapsville.

Chin up… i’ll post up some pics of how good it was for ya :w00t::hehe:

Went up today - new helmet, some alarmed padlocks (wft?) and a video camera for the helmet. Boys and their toys…

I shall be there on the bike before the door even open. Just fitted my new wheels, not exactly how i want them but its good enough for now… got 2 weeks off over new year to get the bike spic and span.

Gota clean it still though, just gona give it a quick blast off in the mornin…

Gona be a wet one today people. Still goin on the bike though as im no fairweather rider and i spent so damn long fitting my new wheels im gona get some use outa them :w00t::hehe:

Sod cleaning it this mornin though :hehe: