NEC bike show review

Hi All
Has anyone been up to the NEC yet Im going up at the end of the week and wondered if there was any highlights , products , sales etc worth finding

Didn’t seem all that good this year, much smaller than normal.

What are you actually after?

Check the praise/shame section on the camera we just bought :wink:

I usually go but to busy this year.

I thought it was OK this year. HG are doing some great offers :smiley:

I thought it was good. I enjoyed it. A few good offers on clothing,got a nice jacket from HG:) Lots of lycra clad ladies,thought the Ducati girls were the best overall:P.Liked looking at the race bikes on the Yamaha stand.Had’nt been for at least ten years and all in all enjoyed the day.Drive back was a pain though on the M40!!!

not really looking for anything
maybe some bits for the cafe racer and some warm bits

Wouldn’t bother mate. Rip off. Ebay is cheaper