Nebie night 4th June

Dont forget newbie night at the Ace on Monday 4th June. Ill be there from 6pm.

BUGGER i cant go now as ive just been reminded it`s my wedding anniversary and we are going out.

ha ha, shot yaself in the foot there john!, well i will be there!

yeah and you cant spell because newbie is spelt like that not nebie

I`m a plumber not a writer.

Hopefully see you all there x

come on then, who else is going? i dont c many names!!!

I might be there tonight as well

It was nice to meet you all:

BMW driver sry forgot your nick

have a good time watching crazy guys on scooters doing Stunts.
Hopefully the guy from ThunderCat was also ok so it was a nice evening.

Just as I was leaving boy on a pitbike did a u-turn right in front of me without bothering to check it was clear behind him. I had a throw out the ankers to avoid him. Little git!

I didn’t finish work until 9.30 last night and by then I wasn’t in a very ‘sociable’ mood, lol. Sorry to any newbies I missed. See you at another meet.

well there was only one newbie that really turned up, but hey i thought there would be more

sorry i had to dash off so quick, i had to get the dinner on! hehe, good to see ya all!

sorry i didnt relaise you were cooking dinner for me

we was there but only for a short while!!! as my child decided to throw a wabboly!!!(the girl one)

i know your lightweights i stayed till 10pm and then got a but home


haha ginge took someones bum home!!! something ur nt telling us ginge??