Near miss this morning A40

Car pulled out of stationary traffic in the lane turning off in front of me going 40mph on the inside lane (flyover by westbourne park kind of way). I managed to brake.

Another biker went by and pointed out his GoPro - just wondered if he was on here? Would like to see the footage if possible.

Glad to here you survived the near miss, self preservation Beschy. Ask yourself why the driver pulling out didn’t see you? Iit could be that they just didn’t look properly but it could also be something else.

Agree that there is often something more you could have done - in this case it was a proper mad lunge into the middle lane onto moving traffic coming from the right.

In future though I may travel in the outside lane just to put distance between me and the stationary traffic.

As for the footage when people point out their eco warrior gadgetry it normally sometimes means that something could well turn up on YouTube. Search on the registration number.

Sounds like an impatient driver wanting to get out of waiting in queuing/stationary traffic. Impatient road users forego a lot of basic checks (like the impatient driver who wrote off my Maytona) he’ll do it one day to a much larger vehicle and he’ll regret not spending those few seconds to look…

Glad you managed to avoid a collision Beschy, good reaction!

is that really worth the bother?
you didnt crash. learn from it and move on.

Silve … gonna start calling you Lady C !!! LOL

I know what you mean. This morning there was queue on the left hand lane on the flyover when exiting for Paddington and traffic on the other 2 lanes was moving normally (at 40mph).

Funny enough, i get off at Paddington slip road and went all the way towards the end before merging into the left lane. I positioned myself in the middle of the middle lane with my indicator on and constantly observing cars on my left and was ready at any moment to brake/swerve if one car from the stationary traffic on the left would have pulled out.- I was actually expecting someone to pull out and skip the queue!

I ended up buying a helmet camera for Black Friday and looking forward to recording my journeys soon enough :slight_smile:

edit: The cause of this queue was because a stupid truck was left abandoned further down the slip road before the traffic junction.

Yep saw plenty of crazy maneuvers today because of that queue

@IanWilliamson - Intrigued. What does “C” stand for in Lady C?

Oh dear

@Aceman I think he was referring to Lady C from Jungle since she’s equally brutally honest lol

It easier to drop things sometimes and usually you may as well as nothing really ever gets done about it, but these idiots are gonna hurt someone or worse one day because they continually get away with driving without due care or attention or in a dangerous manner. If I could report some of the nasty near misses I’ve had then I would.

thats why i said ‘dont bother’ as you well know, where there’s no crash, there’s no interest. would be nice if ‘prevention is better than the cure’ but doesnt work that way. i can count about 5 near misses a day on my daily commute, and thats on a good day.

Lady C - christened George William, raised as a boy, then at 21 became Georgia Arianna. Married Lord Colin Campbell after 5 days of knowing him and divorced after 14 months marriage back in 1975. Still calls herself Lady Colin Campbell - which Lord CC hates !!

are you trying to say i’m a fucking tranny


She’s no Tranny … she was a woman, just had malformed bits and as such they thought she was a man.
however that’s not the reason … as Slan said - she’s just very blunt in her approach …

… but that’s a lot of protest … want to open up about something ??? LOL

last couple of posts reminded me of this :smiley: