near fatal motorcycle crash

Bit busy there wasn’t it. The guy was very, very lucky. Looks more like he was razzin’ and didn’t see his mate in front, hit him and we know the rest. Guess he was lucky the car was modified.

ohh why do i watch these…

boy was he lucky or what !!!

That was a damn lucky escape, very, very close

My arse a bug hit is eye, i recon he wasn`t concertrating and hit the bike infront as he was being flash.

My god did you see how close his head was to going under that car I think another inch and it could have been game over

Jesus christ!!!

That was a very close call!!!

i didn’t get to watch as it has been removed!!

i take it, it was bad?

Me neither

Yep, he looked OK but his head was scuffing along the side of a car, had it been a van with higher sides it wouldn’t be so good

I’m guessing this link is the one in case any of you want to see it.