ne old skool fans

whats ur fav tune. this has gotta be one of mine

enjoy :smiley:

I was expecting ‘Old Skool’ to be older Embarassed

Good track though :cool:

Now 'ere dis man…Lighter! :smiley:

big riddim afro!!

all about fiiiiiiiiirrrrre!! try find a link to it if i can!

or renagade snares by omini trio…31 seconds, by andy c and shimmon:D

Blimey Afro - serious tunage there!!!

if you want more of the old skool!

And i was probably expecting it to be older than you was expecting it to be,
probably half of my 'record ’ collection is pre-1960 :w00t:

Records? Whats that grandad? :stuck_out_tongue:

ave it:)

This is more like it

love these tunes…reminds me of mitsubishis’s!!:w00t:

amazing skills

check this out

Wow ! :w00t:

I used to love hardcore (early to mid 90s) but when jungle took over the whole vibe sorta changed, turned a bit too moody :unsure: put me off a bit to be honest!

love both mate, never let anyones moody’ness effect my raving!

me too mark. earlier the better for me although i only went to my first do in '92 (started listening to the music 89/90). the golden era of hardcore for me is 90-93. like you say the scene changed massively when jungle etc started taking over and parties became more specific. when i first started going out you’d hear a bit of everything in a night - acid, techno, house, hardcore… but then it started splitting and dividing up which in my opinion, is why the scene started to weaken. it’s no coincidence that when the criminal justice bill came in and parties went from outdoors to indoors and from regional to inner-city the whole vibe changed. got moodier, less friendly. more abusers than users :wink: lasting memories from the latter stages of going out were people walking round the island in ilford with blood spattered ralph lauren shirts and stories of girls being raped at one nations at wembley exhibition centre. no thank you. the smell of cocaine burning became all too familiar and suddenly ‘inflate up on your chest’ and ‘big it up’ became the catchphrases. no wonder things got moody and a bit attitude heavy.

some good music came out of that period tho. dj krust, roni size that whole bristol thing. andy c, the ram records stable, all them characters, too many to list. just a shame that when you went out you’d hear the same record about 15 times a night and there were fools on charlie acting like they were scarface or summink!

don’t worry though mark the vibe lives on. it may be scattered about a bit now-a-days but we’re still here mate. waiting for our renaissance :wink:

i was a bit young for hardcore, i love listening to it, been to a few ‘back to the old school raves’, ,moondance. world dance etcwith teh jungle scene, yes it was moody, but it did depend on what venue you went too-roller express was ok, upto around 98-99 it was still moody even tho jungle had phased out and DnB was born. now within the DnB scene its better less moody, diffrent crowd tho these days, rudeboys, white boy chavs, gothy rockers, hoxton kids allsorts! i have some good mates that are MC’s ad DJ’s too.

i have been to many raves, some the best night out ,some very moody, but i have never had any grief.

its how you carry ya self i think, plus i ignore the wanna be gangsters.

nowdays we have grime music, now if you go to a grime dance you will know the meaning of aggro and moody’ness!! most venues in london wont let promoters hold grime dances for this very reason as there have been too many stabbings and shootings. even teh infamous stratford rex (an old haunt of mine) refuse to have grime events, they take it to teh south coast and outside london, the trouble just follows, same crowd go down to these.

tis a shame, but me i’m junglist through and through!

Sound of The Underground! my fave hardcore tune!:smiley:

You forgot the dark & deviantly twisted cerebral end of the market - Square Pusher, aphex twin.

classic one here, reminds me my childhood :smiley:

+1Used to go to Heat on hastings pier - used to tell mum that was staying over a friends houses.remember seeing Roni Size live with his live band and did a real live version of brown paper bag. One of the best moments of my life.

trouble with them old skool do’s is it takes more than the records to re-create the vibe. went to a moondance about 8 years ago at camden palace. well disappointing. excellent music but it was full of 16 year olds and people in football tops :w00t: last time i went to one of those.

roller express in 98-99??? used to go to desires there then i thought it shut down? must’ve re-opened. legendary venue that place. always guaranteed a messy night. ‘remember the roller’. d’nb born in 98??? you never heard of your namesake dj ratty and the fibreoptic crew? they were doing the darkest drum and bass back in 93/94. for me ellisdee was playing the best d’nb round about then. invisible man - the bell tune, quality.

i remember the stratford rex. that place was starting out as a venue just as i jacked it in. had enough of it by then. we used to go to the lazerdrome in peckham. ever heard of that? :wink: