NCP Shepherds Bush

Evening all

Does anyone know if bikes are allowed to park in the Shepherds Bush NCP and if so has anyone used it? I need to park in Shepherds Bush and I’m trying to find somewhere I can Almax my bike to.
Not many bays around the area and most are residents bays. None seem to have any security unsurprisingly.
I’ve seen a couple of possibilities using Google Street View but not sure if I’ll get ticketed :Whistling:

Ta muchly.

Don’t know about NCP but if the bit of Shepherds Bush you want is within Hammersmith and Fulham you can park a bike in a res bay.

This is from their website:


Motorcycles may be parked in any pay and display or shared-use parking place for free. The whole motorcycle must be parked within the parking bay markings. Motorcycles must not be parked in a suspended parking bay, on a single or double yellow line during its hours of operation, or on the pavement at any time. In addition, motorcycles must not be parked in parking bays reserved for specific users, such as bays for disabled badge holders, market traders, diplomatic vehicles and doctors.

Next door in RBKC they have permit only bike bays and a (small) number of free bike parking bays (as you say without security)

Either way leaving the bike on street it needs be to locked up / you need to happy it will still be there when you get back. Could you park in Westfield and walk?

You can park bikes in there - unless that’s changed.

Cheers MacP

Yes I am considering Westfield, it’s a 10 minute walk from where I need to be so not too bad.
So long as I can chain it to one of the railings that other posts have mentioned it should be safe for a few hours, touch wood.

I pArk in Sulgrave all the time ,have done for years and never had a ticket , even seen them walking past

Behind the ncp is a little road where loads of bikes park up against the building behind - over metal grating. You can chain up there no probs. I’ve parked there plenty times when workin in the area

Charecroft way it’s called. The south side.

Thanks Conrad B, that was perfect. Right next to the company I needed to visit.
Lcoked my bike to it fine and no ticket :wink: