NCP Car Parks, eh, how much?

Taking advantage of the quiet traffic & riding to work at the mo…mostly due to the fact there are no trains between Northwood & Wembley.

Anyway, parked in an NCP car park yesterday as it’s just round the corner from my office. It said it was £4 for a bike for 24hrs parking. I took my ticket in the morning, went to pick my bike up, popped the ticket in the machine…£27 to you squire.

There wasn’t anyone around to ask what the deal was so I just rode off (naughty boy).

Is there a special ticket for bikes? Was I meant to pick up a ticket at all? Anyhoo, I’ve parked in the “bike only” bay outside the Cop Shop today so fingers crossed it will still be there come 5pm

Yeah what you have to do it when you put your ticket in, you have to hit the ‘help’ button (i think but it is the red one that connects you with the main office) and then you tell them your reg number and that you have a bike, and they print you a new ticket for £4.

I got hit by that the first time I used an NCP as well…

Ah, I see. Perhaps I wasn’t looking very hard, but they could make these things a little clearerMan, I sound like some old git who moans that there are no warnings on hot cups of coffee or something :smiley: “I burnt myself on this hot coffee, they could have made the warning that it contained hot liquid a little clearer”:stuck_out_tongue: And to all the bikers that wen’t past me on the A40 this morning, I have a pillion, I don’t normally ride that slowly :smiley:

No I agree with you (but then I am an old git as well :slight_smile: ) they dont make it clear at all…but maybe that is to stop people from just pressing the ‘bike’ button and then putting their car through the barrier for cheap…

What are you complaining about, you got free parking that day.:smiley: