NC30 (VFR400) Wheels

Does anyone know what it entails to change the 18 to the 17 for maximum tyre choice? Is it a custom job or pretty easy to bodge ones’ self (ie new wheels and spacers) ? (only got 2 tyre choices on the 18s).

Cheers :slight_smile:

Straight swap from the VFR’s 18" to the RVF’s 17".

I would recommend using the rvf’s suspension linkage on your vfr after the swap as with the 17" wheel the bike will sit a little lower. Or you could splash out on a new nitron shock, as it will have a ride height adjuster and will make the bike much better to ride rather than the tired old shock.

Snap, can you get hold of rvf wheels ??

Sorry fella cant help you there. Have a looksee on ebay or ring some breakers.

Sorry about the blatant thread-jack but, if you guys are interested, I have a Paddock Stand to fit a VFR 400 for sale. £30.


how about a vfr750 wheel with a custom hub? search on