Navigation made simple.

Well, Its time to stop worrying about magnetic variation. Its now only half a degree out.
So you can now all put yer compasses on a map line it up and yer good to go.
No more, Mag to Grid Rid, Grid to Mag Add.
Happy days.
Yet another complication the young folk will not need to bother about for a few years.

I’ll remember to get one for the next rideout, maybe we can then find a more southern route into London

Last time I used a Suunto compas with a OS map, I was in the army cadets, and there was an 8 degree difference between magnetic north and true north.

Fair point Martin, what we going to do when its Grid to Mag Rid and Mag to grid Add. Hope the signals section never get rid of SAD. (Security Accuracy Discipline ) Weve got more in common than I thought mate.
Can you tie a figure of eight knot and a bowline?
We may be the couple made in heaven.

If you can tie a bowline with a Yosemite tieoff it will be sticky screen time

I thought SAD was Seasonal Affective Disorder, which in simple terms is being miserable in winter for the absence of sunlight.

By “signals” do you mean the Royal Signals regiment? In the cadets, I was in the Queens regiment, as an adult, I was in the most hated regiment in the British army.

I’m not too hot with knots, thought that was for sailors.

“Couple made in heaven”? Err, you’re worrying me a little now Chris.

Fair point well made.

Jetstream … “couple made in heaven” - sure you weren’t Navy ???

R.E. myself …

I just want a satnav that tells me where to go in proper terms, not this “in 100yard turn right” or “make a u-turn where possible” crap

My personal technique is a mix between navigating using the stars, burning a small effigy and praying to several navigation based gods and using waze in my headphones