Navigation by Satellite

Or sat navs, as you’d call them :wink:
I’m pondering about getting one.

Which one can be recommended, which is not overly overpriced as well as has the ability to make use of the TYRE software?

My cheap ‘Go’ 530 works fine, in the hein gericke water’proof’ case or in the tank bag

Just don’t use Google maps on android, i got all the way to my destination (including getting lost!) and it still hadn’t got a satellite fix!

dont go down the tom tom route unless its an older model that uses tomtom home. all the new navs download direct from the tom tom site and dont use tomtom Home which used to be on us pc which means NO TYRE. I just spent £180 on a new nav and thats all i wanted it for :angry:

You can’t view it as a drive and manually put stuff on the itn folder? Or send the file via bluetooth?

Which one did you get? I’ve just got a Tomtom Rider Pro and it’s got the Mac and Windoze version of Home installed on the device or you can download it from their website.

Yes, then choose shortest route so it matches the actually route

I have a Garmin Zumo 550. It’s expensive but very good. I’ve dropped it countless times on concrete. It’s survived downpours that would impress Noah. All without missing a beat. Functionality is excellent including tracking where I’ve been for post ride analysis and linking wirelessly via bluetooth with my blackberry and Cardo Scala Rider teamset. By far the best accessory investment I’ve made.

Oh… and it works with Tyre software afaik

i had a go720 that used HOME and i could use tyre with it but the new navs dont use HOME as they link directly to the website thus rendering TYRE useless as there is NO tomtom program on the pc where u can D/L the saved route to.

unless I missed something…

You almost certainly did :stuck_out_tongue:

View the satnav as a hard drive and manually copy the ITN over, probably!

will try:D

thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile:
The Zumo 550’s a bit out of range currently :blink:

though it’s my bday next week, so if anyone feels generous… :w00t:

Will have a look at the others too, cheers :slight_smile:

This was a conundrum I had for several years and “got by” listening to mobile phone satnav apps through headphones. This was very frustrating - losing satnav/network signals and phone freezes were regular occurrences sending me down the wrong way for many miles - so last year finally bit the bullet and bought a Garmin Zumo 660 for about £400, plus lifetime maps (add £60).

It was expensive, I really had to psyche myself up (and save) to get it, but it paid off bigtime.

Very reliable, very tough, easy to use/update and planning routes on the PC then downloading them to the unit is a joy. Also the “tracks” feature has come in very handy on many occasions. I don’t bother with headphones/voice instructions, I just have it on the mount next to the speedo, on “silent” mode, and glance at it occasionally.

Car Sat Nav systems will be micro usb (for garmin nuvi 200 but might be different for TomTom or others), and not waterproof.

I tried a waterproof BMW/hella/powerlet socket for the bike which worked well (and does not go into “mass storage mode” ) but the provided cigarette plug for the satnav is not waterproof and does not fit into the waterproof cover as the plug is not in the cover:doze:

I currently have a powerlink micro usb cable connected to motorcycle battery and a 90 degree micro usb angle for the Nuvi 200.
Plugs in as mass storage mode but on the Garmin there is a simple workaround. Micro usb plug is tucked away under the headstock with black tack (stronger than blue tack)when not in use.
And finally a waterproof cover for the satnav velcroed to the handlebar crossbar - review of the waterproof cover is on this site somewhere

nuvi 200 is the smallest i could find and is £30 ish

About £80 to 100£ in all unless you already have a car one to use.

That is the mistake everyone makes - use “Fastest Route” and place your waypoints so TomTom is forced to follow your desired route (max 48 waypoints on one .itn).

Shortest Route will give you the potential to end up down farm tracks etc. especially if your waypoints are spaced too widely apart.

Use Demo Route to check your itinerary - to do this you will need to be somewhere deep indoors so that you do not get a satellite lock - and the unit will ask you for a start point which you set as near as possible to your itinerary start point.

Waypoints on a TomTom? …

My TomTom One with v8 software will not accept waypoints or .itn files nor will it work with TYRE. TomToms with v7 software can be tweaked to add the earlier TomTom itinerary function at the cost of the map share function, the v7 software also works with TYRE. If anyone knows how to restore the v7 software please give me a shout.

So, if you want to dictate a route to your Sat Nav check that it accepts itineraries or way points.

Well I like my TomTom Rider v2, so there…

Whats this Tyre software guys?

I have tomtom on the iphone, a Go720 and a Garmin 1690T

I use the iphone in town but was thinking of using the 720 for a france trip and anything that makes it better is good to me.

I have a Zumo 660, I had a 550 before that and that worked very well. The 660 is even better though. It is designed specifically for motorcycles so is easy to use with gloves on and works very well on the bike. You also get all the accessories to use it in the car (extra mount and power supply) so transfer is seamless.

I use mine to play music and I’ve also got the gatso alerts. Unlike an Ipod you can change the music using the interface so you don’t have to stop or crash on purpose of a song you don’t like / can’t stand somehow comes on.

You can use a car satnav and mount it in a tupperware container if you fancy. That will work. The Zumo is not compromised though and when you use one you’ll feel it. It does cost a lot though but the fact that you can use it in the car too offsets some of the cost.

go720 is perfect for the job. download TYRE (trace your route everywhere) by janboersman. you can make the route on this program like dropping waypoints then d/l it to the tomtom and then go for a nice rideout without having to read a map book:D

Cheers Jaime:)