Naughty but nice. . .

That’s great for show plates, which of cause nobody uses on the public highway’s…:Whistling:

Couldn’t agree more Rob. The idea that a motorcyclist would use such a thing on the public highway is patently absurd. . . :satisfied:

especially with those spec3 average speed cam coming on line soon somewhere near you… Who would use such a thing on the public road… :slight_smile:

I’ve always thought the rotating licence plate from Goldfinger was a great idea, that’s not a great leap from this…

Anyone got one for their “showplate” yet? Any reviews?

Tongue and cheek and all that but in steps Trojan with his coppers head on …

Don’t get caught with one of these, as a bike with one fitted would probably get the rider nicked for a criminal offence (possibly attempting to pervert the course of justice and a few other things maybe) rather than a traffic offence and be in a mahoosive pile of poo !

Oh, if I was a bad boy and had one of these I would not admit it on a public forum either … before we get a glowing review from someone.

Advice over, carry on. :stuck_out_tongue:

People used car central locking solenoids in the early nineties to make there own ones. Not that I’d condone such a thing. :Whistling:

seen a couple of bikes recently with no plate at all… ! crazy mofos…

hehehehe. Ever get clocked and you’re knackered tho!

Very tempting…for some, not me of course :wink:

Interested to know what you would actually get arrested/charged with unless you were actually caught using it?

If I wanted one fitted to hide my number plate parked on my private land or for use on track-days, why would it be illegal to have it fitted?

Is it not the same for laser/camera detectors? (The loophole being that it is illegal to ACT on the information, not to use it)


My thoughts exactly. Yeah ive got a fast car/bike … doesnt mean im speeding.

When I was last in South Africa I saw some awesome bikes and spoke to few of the peeps commenting on their rides, how nice and shiney they were and oh wheres your numberplate. Answer … dont bother with them. They got to catch me to do me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a feeling that motorcycling is going to become a whole lot more exciting in the UK. That is untill were not allowed to own vehicles at all … for our own safety of course. FFS

The level of surveillance is becoming so intrusive that there comes a point were you have to say to the state - f*cking back off!If they keep pushing things then people are gonna take counter-measures and large numbers of usually decentr folks are gonna become criminalised.No wonder labours planning on building Titan/Super jails - they’re gonna need them.

thats bullshit mate… cameras are there to make money not to protect anyone, dude gets mugged and they can’t seem to find the tape, or they find it and quality is crap so they cant do ****… mate of mine gets done on the motorway the guy drives off… no one even sees the number plate, my mate’s car was spinning out of control along with his wife and 2 daughters inside… apparently there was too much footage to ge through to actually get something:):slight_smile: ha…

You go in the BUS lane… and BINGO!!! They see that… big and clear.

I am very tempted with this device… saw previous versios before… from the states of course. Since they have now back and front mounting camers they can still get you on a bike even if they dont get your plate from front.

The question is… you flip your plate… you get past the specific area and you flip it back on… now will the next set of camers where you don’t do anything wrong get your number plate then connect your bike with the previous incident (let’s say ride in a bus lane) and say well this is your bike that’s for showing us your number plate… or do they need some kind of proof that it was your bike and connect it with the part where they couldn’t film your plate? Kinda hard to argue… wearing same gear…