NATURE encounters

this is my first topic on LB, dont be shy

we as bikers all have encounters with nature, whether its just putting a dent in the flying insect poppulation or having a dear jump in front of you

i’d like to hear from you lot what (crazy, painful, remarable etc) fauna close encounters youve had

bees, birds, cats, dogs, sheep or anything

Welcome to the forum mate Enjoy

At 16 on MT50 I got a wasp in my lid, it was a choice of hitting a car head on or going into the back of a parked car, the parked car won and I dropped the bike and was stung just under the eye. Picked off wasp, straightened wheel against kerb and was on my way

Honda CBR400rr - 1 dear and 3 baby ones ran across me at 80mph, skidded but gained control, nothing hurt

Hornet - Rode into the flying remains of a bird that a car in front of me just hit, not hurt, was funny as the woman driving in front was more worried about me than the state of her windscreen. (Same road as above, A4260 Oxford to Banbury. Car also got hit by 3 birds in last 4 weeks!!!) The birds are thick as f**k round there

Holiday bike - Dominator 600 I think. Turkey, riding the mountain road to the beach, wasp stung leg, was wearing jeans so wasn’t too bad, local woman put Iodine on (turned out fine) and also the same day in the face just under right eye. Panic set in, thought I was going over edge but again, slid the bike in the other direction down the road and picked wasp off face leaving sting. Face then swelled up so the eye was shut and I couldn’t talk. It looked and felt horrific GRRRRR

Thank god nothings happened on the blade - touch wood

Yeah I had a similar problem with strange creepy crawlies in my lid before.

Just minding my own riding with a friend in the park near London Zoo, nice sunny day it was too. Suddenly I feel this tickle in my left ear…weird methinks, must be sweat…there it is again hmmm…

BUZZZZZZZZZ!!! Oh my god!! Ive got some sort of brain eating bug in my lid So major emergency stop, my heart rate is through the roof…i’m blinded by sweat stinging my eyes, my fingers are fumbling with the DD strap on my Arai… HELP ME! At last I feel the strap come undone and hurl my lid off my head and run around like a two year old rubbing at the area…obviously friend has this expression on his face which is quiclky followed by as he points out that my nice Arai helmet is now lying over a 10 foot high iron fence and have no chance of getting it back quickly Why me!

1hr later and I’m sheepishly on the road again no harm done except to pride…and the tree I had to climb up

Yup, had the wasp in the helet thing, riding along with my friend on a nice sunny day, visor slightly open for some breeze, in it flew, straight into my ear, well emergency stop, ripped lid from my head (did’nt bother undoing the strap) out dropped a rather large, dead wasp, as a bonus i did’nt get stung

Ohhhh…ever had the one in summmer when you are riding along visor open and a wasp lands on the seal right in front of your nose! You cant close the visor as this might upset him and/or lock him in, again a bad idea so…you do 90mph down the embankment trying to get the little blighter off, but no the little s**t decides hes gonna hold on for dear life

Its that “jumping around like a complete loon while banging on your lid thats still on your head, pissed off that bikes on the floor, while trying to undo the D strap and everyone else watching AGGGHHHHHHH”

Got with Charle here, i got tagged my a bird on the shoulder in cambridge last summer and my good god did it hurt like FCUK !

I was riding along a country lane near where I live last year I spotted a guy walking a horse with a rope around its neck so I shut off the engine and coast just as I get 30 feet away the bloody thing jumped up on its rear legs and tries to run at me lucky the guy had a hold of the rope.

Also the fly buzzing around in the head to the is the worst as you cant tell if its a wasp or bee.

wow, some good ones there alright

ive had that wasp thing too

i was riding up one of my favorite roads one summer night (black visor wide open) and then all of a sudden AAAAARGGGH

very nasty pain from my forhead and it kept getting worse, so pulled over and examined my lid in the headlight and couldnt see anything. so back on with the rx7 and again the excrutiating pain.

another100 yards down the road lid off again and i was pulling the linnig out and shaking it all about. the little bugger had stung me 9 or ten times

also bees become things you dont wana hit in the 90 plus speed range

almost got knocked off one time by a bummbler

keep em coming

i was coming through cowley, on my 1st R6 i wasnt going fast when i noticed flying towards me was a stag beetle i slowed but it hit me in the chest and stuck to my jacket so i stopped my bike to remove him as he was still alive as i got off my bike it grabed my arm pulling me to the ground, holding my head to the floor with its back legs and my arms with the middle legs it preceded to rifle through my pockets with its front legs, i managed to get my leg to the left of his pinchers and roll on top of him so he was upside down by this time i then had the upper hand it was only then i noticed another stag trying to start my bike as id left the key in the ignition i ran to my bike but he flew away before he could turn the key, the one on the floor opened its wing cases and with a liitle buzz of its wings self righted himself hurled aload ao abuse at me before flying off in the same direction as his mate. I think i saw them a few weeks later hanging round by barclays cash point in uxbridge

I really did get hit by stag beetle in cowley…

Have you been drinking mate? lol

Some Bird asked me out once and turned out to be BLOKE !!!

i know someone who had a similar encouter but that is all im saying on the subject…

Yeh, I heard there was a nasty bug going around :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was on my BMX as a lad and got hit by a bat at about 30mph, nearly winded me!

Also, coming out of the mountains in Kho Samui, Thailand at dusk is very dangerous! I was on a hired scrambler and the forest comes alive at night, open face helmet, shorts and t-shirt and beaten near to death with a strange array of spiky, tickly flying beasts that convinced themselves that my 1 lux headlight was the moon or summit!

Had to keep riding, my skin was crawling afterwards, not nice.

Saying that, never had a bee in my helmet, only crabs

Had a visor cracked by a stag beetle amd been hit on the side of the crashhat by a golfball whilst going down a road that is the middle of a golf course but other than that just the occasional fly in the ear. Tho I once spun the wheel up on some furry remains in the road.


Only a bird strike for me, god only knows how as I was as flat to the tank as my ample physique would allow and still managed to get me in the chest.

Now there’s an image ladies.

well for me it was this weird bright green thing with long legs and a dimond shape head…dont know what the f*ck it was, but it made me scream like a school girl…

has anybody seen them before? and what are they?

it did’nt get inside my lid…but the lil shit was sussing me out threw my visor for about 3 miles…

wonder what he was thinking…?