Nasty surprise at high speed

If this loon was me I would most definitely have crashed at precisely the 13.5 second mark.

Keep your eyes on the bottom of the screen…


Would not be happy about that at all!

Literally can’t see anything unusual there - guy overtakes, guy pulls over?




i was waiting for something to jump out.

nothing did.

Oh is that a snake? My gfx card isn’t that great and it’s a bit choppy, I thought it was a custom brake line :smiley:

oh fck. i just sht myself sat at my desk.

glad i don’t have to retake the observation test. maybe missed it because it’s the same colour as the bike.

I think the rider will have wished for it to be a custom brake line - its colour does match the fairing!

I don’t know if those snakes are poisonous but I definitely wouldn’t have hung around to find out.


I have a fear of snakes and that would have seriously made cr@p my pants… i dont think i would have been so slow to stop the bike


Sod that! I would have tried to pull it off though instead of leaving it near my left hand.

Poor sod, feel for him, riding a GSXR :ermm:

Looks like a grass snake. Still, I probably would’ve shat myself and I actually quite like snakes!