Nasty Accident - Take Care Filtering

Saw aftermath of nasty filtering accident this morning.

I do hope that the guy is ok, wish him well

The bike came past me at some speed a few minutes earlier

Slow down people when filtering better to get to destination a little late than not at all.

Was this the one on the A12 this morning? I understand the biker was confirmed dead at the scene.

According to the BBC Travel News the A12 is still closed (11.55)

Yes it was. I am not totally surprised. Lets be very careful out there. Thoughts must go out to family and friends…

Not nice to hear of a fellow biker goes down.

thats terrible news

i wondered what happened as its still shut now.

The A12 was mad this morning and I was early, got down to the Bow Flyover just after 7:30. Must have been well busy later on so I’m not surprised to hear of this happening behind me.RIP whoever you are. :angry:

Sad news :frowning:

never nice to hear (read) :frowning:



R.I.P rider.



Please be careful peeps:doze:

RIP rider…

its just up the road from me:(

RIP biker.

Can’t say I’m 100% surprised, some bluddie stupid driving on that roundabout.