Naming names...

I am getting paranoid in my very old age and I dont like too much info about me out there on the www, so for my user name I use summit unconnected to me and indifferent to male/female.

I assume that for the same reason others like…Chunky Monkey, Ducatichick etc do not use their real names on these recreational sites? But the use of real names seems to be coming more common by other members, why is that?:alien: I’m sure that FirebladePaul and Ducati Pete etc aint as para as I am!:blink:

Im to lazy to think of anything else :D:D:D

So you not really called Sneaky then?

Para or wot?:smiley:

I could give a s**t. there’s plenty of data out there about me, none has my address or bank details attached. if you google my real name, practically nothing comes up.

it may also have something to do with me being the stalker, not the stalkee usually :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t want to make you even more paranoid but I know your first name and we have never met so the alias scheme doesnt really work anyway :wink:

Anyway Fred don’t worry yourself over it :stuck_out_tongue:

Well yeah, my real name is Sneaky, but no one knew thats till just now!:pinch:



but I AM powerpuffgirl! :crying:

nobody recognises or is able to pronounce my real name anyway, so not bothered how close it is :stuck_out_tongue:

I had my username selected for me when I joined my first forum (a supermoto forum). All the guys 'round here called me Ducati Pete. I’ve never really felt the need to use another.

LOL :slight_smile:

There’s loads on the net from where I’ve used my real name (mostly computery related things).

I’ve always used one pseudonym or another on the net though. It’s just that no-one else used their real names, and you just do what everyone else is doing.
I’m down to two now, which is good. Generally called Big Red S on bike-related things and lordandmaker on others.

which one?

if so pics please :w00t:


You wouldn’t if your name was George… :slight_smile:


Oh… hang on…

Anyway, I like being anonymous on here; in real life, it’s a different matter. But here I like to just be plain old 5150 (or ‘51’ if we’re being informal). :wink:

Digger here, Digger there, Digger almost everywhere.:smiley:

I don`t really eat cars,i love cake ,lots of it:D