Jus wondering whats the deal with the new names, pizza bike delivery rounabout scratcher, london biker, how are they eant or can they be changed???

The only way you can change them is to get posting - ultimate aim is to be a ‘London Biker’ :smiley:

Its about time someone noticed :w00t:

im already a london biker! so stick that up ya undercrackers:D

well can i have m ine changed to something to do with buses as thats what i ride atm

You could be “Blakey” Ginge;)

Hah :slight_smile:

Glad someone noticed the change! We had a few giggles thinking of them the other night.

i think they are great! hehe:D

I noticed and thought they were funny.

“Site Owner” hasn’t changed… I think we need a competition to give our Jay a new title;):stuck_out_tongue:

so how many post to be a “LONDON BIKER”?

i may have to post some real nonsense on some of the posts to boast my ratings:hehe:

You have got a fair few to go yet - so have I :ermm::slight_smile:

i’m working on it Debz, i’m working on it;)

what am i??

bloody cheek!!! suppose ill have to post more often now!!:smiley:


Extra cheese please;):stuck_out_tongue:

does this new name thing effect the blobby thing ? i only ask as i had a couple of blobs the other day and today i have no blobbs ? And no scarcastic comments please about the blobby thing im a guy ( no offence meant to the female bikers )

Yep, you earn your blobs along with the title :smiley:

It’s quality that counts, not quantity :slight_smile:

It’s taken you lot long enough to see some of the little nice touches Jay has added to the site.

Come on, get posting! :smiley: