Names of those who attended the Prom Rideout

I’m putting a Video together for Arthur for Last Nights Prom Rideout. I wan’t to put a List of names up in the end credits of everyone that turned up.

Could you be as Kind to supply…

User NameActual Name (Doesn’t have to be full name, First name will do, But full name would be nice for the Video)Bike you were on.Picture of your Bike (& you if Possible)Cheers Guys.

I will Start with my Details.


Sam Bird

2004 GSXR 750


Sean Cunningham

2006 (55) Black R1


Dawn Carter

Red 2005 GSXR 600

Can’t attach pics from my phone so I’ll email them to you instead :slight_smile:


Jarrod Pizzata

Suzuki GSXR-750 K9

I have no idea why the website chose to rotate my pic.

Pizzata? I’m totally calling you Papa John from now on.


Chris Barnes

VFR800 FI 2001

Will email pic later.

James Richmond
09 Street Triple

On a Mac?
It happens from time to time.
If you go into preview and rotate it 360 degrees and re-save it will save the rotational aspect- then repost.

No I’m using my phone (android). Weird. I’m sure it’s something a good videographer can fix (sorry Sam) :slight_smile:

All done :slight_smile:

Sam did you receive my e-mail with the pics! Will send you more in the evening when I get all the pics and vids from the phones as most of it was on phones

Yes got it.

Could i ask you a massive favour?

It is really awkward to go through them all as i have a serious ammount of Pictures and videos to go through now as everyone has been brilliant and given loads of stuff. This video is going to take a few days to put together i think, and it’s going to be a good 10 Mins Long!!!

Do you have a Photobucket account? If not, set up a PhotoBucket account here PhotoBucket Link and save all the Pictures and videos on there, That way i can get onto that and look through all the pictures as Thumbnails and choose which ones look best rather than having to open each individual one and make a note of the File Name of ones i like.

Cheers Mate.

suzuki B-King

Tim Foxell
02 Honda Hornet
(older photo but hey…)

Deano 73
Dean Sayers
13 Kawasaki versys 650

Deano 73
Dean Sayers
13 Kawasaki versys 650


Royston Diggle

Fanny Magnet 49cc

Red Italian :wink:

Yes Sam I’ll do that this evening when I get access to a computer! If you nee any help just let me know will do as much as I can :blush: