!!!Names!!! list Boxhill 5:30am leaving time !!! France Re - Union 08

Hi there I’d ask to whom will be meeting at Boxhill to be escorted down to Maidstone , not all names are essential but would like to have an average for numbers expected to be turning upMany Thanks 1.WDZ+Lisa
2.WDZ Bruv

clintos needs to know as it will help him out

cheers ginger


2.WDZ Bruv

Ok everyone (WDZ) will be leading from Boxhill anybody that dosen’t make Boxhill by 5:30am .please make your way straight to the Maidstone services on the M20

As there is going to be some traffic delays we will be all leaving Maidstone services by 6:45am

as soon as you get to Maidstone services please fill your bike up with fuel to a full tank , as this will help yourself from delaying others .

Please be carefull this time as last time i was waiting at Box , some hornet dude wrote off his bike before he got to the meet :wink:

I am planning to be at Box.

all is updated and edited on the first message of this thread feel free to add your names for the Box meet

Sorry to be all motherly but here is a quick reminder to take care with regard to your speed on the motorways… The boys in blue took an unhealthy interest in us last year and will undoubtedly be doing so again this year.

me + my mrs will be joining you shortly :wink: ryka caff that is, right?

That is correct :wink: