Name the bike , Picture quiz

Hey guys/gals,

Someone has posted a ‘name the bike’ quiz on my forums and I’m struggling,

Can anyone bike buffs help?


3 = Honda 400-4 ?

6 = Harley Road King ?

9 = Yamaha RD250 ?

but thanks for a little light relief

BMW 1200 K series maybe? New Suzuki GS5000 Enfield BSA Honda MotoGP bike Harley Kawasaki 6cylinder thingy Triumph Scrambler Kawasaki Kawasaki 1200 not doing too well I don’t think?>

Wiggs it also says none of the makes are repeated…(read the small print)

3…enfield ha ha ha

told you I was rubbish

What’s 7. Thats a Kawasaki isnt it? 80’s bike

1.ducati st3?



4.??? guzzi track bike

6.harley electra glide cbx1000 or kwak z1300



10.kwak z1000

best i can do i am afraid

My miserable contribution…

  1. Sunbeam something oily

  2. The new Moto-Guzzi MGS and bloody gorgeous too

  3. Massey-Ferguson

  4. Honda CBX1000 (it’s that or a Benelli Sei and Benellis never had Comstar wheels)

  5. Yamaha RD350LC (must be, it has twin front discs)

I`d say:

  1. Honda CBX 1000

  2. Yamaha RD 350 LC…Those were the days…what fun we had…oops i`m showing my age.

Yam 350 LC…yes… cos the 250 was in blue and white…i went out with the boy next door just cos he had one of those…just to get a ride on one…ha ha

yes aint old age grand

My 2pence worth

1 - some sort of Ducati. Forks look like Showa and those brakes look Brembo-ish. Perhaps ST4?

2 - Small Suzuki - blue and white - perhaps the baby 600, the real old school one that they still shove out?

3- ?

4- Real old thing - check my vintage bike gallery for poss clues to the badge. Velocette or summat?

5- Dunno but that looks like a Honda Swingarm to me.

6 - ElectraGlide? Def HD tractor thing

7 - As suggested

8 - Original T Scrambler

9 - RD buzz bomb

10 - zthou

3 is definitely a Triumph Bonneville T100…

1.ducati 1000DS GS500F

  1. Triumph bonneville T100

4.BSA Bantam

  1. moto guzzi

6.Harley Davidson FLHS Electa glide

  1. honda cbx 1300 comando

  1. yamaha rd 350 lc

  2. kawasaki z1000

not sure on 2, 5, 8, but the rest are right

Yep - you’re right about the Guzzi, looks like an MGS-1 Corsa.


That’s what I said!

c’mon then Jay?

I messed up real bad on our name the TV programme quiz so need to get this one right,5374.0.html

Wanna get 10/10 for the bikes

Oops - so you did!