Name & Shame??

If you’re like me, you’re sick of being treated badly, or being unlucky enough to receive duff goods, well how about we start up a Name & Shame forum? The concept would be; if you have something great to say about a retailer, or service vendor then post it up for us all to get the heads-up, but if you’ve been treated badly, or a vendor’s products or services suck, then tell us about it, so we can put some steer-clear ourselves, and put some pressure on the vendor to better their service.

I’m forever complaining to vendors about their sub-standard service, so thought we could put the power of the site to some use and improve the buying experience.

Good idea, I like it. The service industry in this country, as a whole, has gone to the dogs. Not just the biking industry obviously, which I have to say is better than most, but if this site can be used to make retailers aware that bad service will cost them business then I’m all for it. We’ve come to expect mediocrity at best and it’s not good enough!!

HERE…HERE… I think thats a good idea, there are to many retailers out there with well below par service and goods.

Totally agree with you lads, I think we all may have been treated badly in the past by vendors and hopefully they can read up on what we really think of them!!

Great idea. I have got very angry words against a certain bike dealer in harrow even though it happened a while ago.

So can we post it in this thread?

Don’t post grievances here, I’ll set up a new forum especially for it. I have a feeling it’ll need some moderation to keep it respectable, and relevant, but I think it’s a good idea too!

I won’t be rude or anything. Can’t wait to post it.

nice one great idea