nail in tyre

ive got to go to work in 3 hours, which is St Albans (15 miles up the motorway).
should i do it or not.
doesn’t appear to be leaking but haven’t checked PSI yet.

EDIT: eek thats a big picture, how can i make it smaller

The risk is that your rear tyre deflates at speed.

I’d take time out to get it fixed asap.

Soapy water and a bit of side to side pressure on the nail wi/l show any leaks.
Doesn’t look like it has been there long as the head has not been worn down. There is the possibility that riding on it will drive it in further doing more damage. I wouldn’t ride it on a motorway, but might ride with care to the nearest place I can buy a plug kit.

thanks, the pug kits you can buy im guessing are only temporary, and id still need to take it to somewhere like essential to fix it (they say £24 to fix it).

and thanks for the trick, soapy water has revealed it is leaking :frowning:

trip to essential too risky?,-0.062141&spn=0.132014,0.363579&z=12&saddr=nw4&daddr=essential+rubber&geocode=Fc8vEwMdFJX8_ykHt9MKtRB2SDE9XlnWH6AH-g%3BFTFsEgMdds7-_yH9OQDs_lyWDikHZlbxlhx2SDG1_dIEYl-H1w

or anyone know anywhere i can get it done today?

Plug kits are sold as temporary but I’ve had tyres with 3 in before now and have lasted the full life of the tyre

chas bikes


motorcycle sos in streatham

if you have aa or rac see if they do plugging ?

When I went to essential rubber they said they can fix it if I hadn’t use any temporary puncture repair kits.

I have tyre changing equipment but probably not near you and too late now anyway

my temporary tyre plug lasted over 4000 miles:)

web search plug and go

I hope you got it sorted … but more specifically … I hope you didn’t try to take this route yesterday since Essential moved to Blackwall Tunnel Approach months ago :

Where’s that then? :smiley:

Nail in Tyre? phor nothing mate. I rode over a javelin on the way home the other night…Needed a new tyre

I’d either find another way to work or advise them you’ll be late and get it done on the way in.

I met a chap with CBR like mine which had the rear mudguard cracked in half. I asked him what happened there and he said there was a nail in the tyre which when it worked itself loose protruded and shredded the plastic. It could cause even more damage if you ride any distance with it in there.

CBRs are notorious for that, knew a guy who got a bit of flint in his rear tyre and cut off his whole rear end.

& now his jeans keep falling down ?