Got a nail in the tyre and its on a slow puncture…

I don’t mind riding it a short distance, but where is recommended near Harrow/Wembley?
If there is any recommended mobile tyre fitters about? Would be great to get some numbers!

Love you all! Thanks!

Why not Essential Rubber (north London)? Not the area you want but close enough and good enough to make it worthwhile.


Essential Rubber is 15 miles from me… not really wanting to chance it that far… I’ll have to stop and re-air twice I reckon.

Motorcycle Service Centre on Harrow road? Google them and give them a try


HGB Ruislip Station app. :):slight_smile:

Great service there, I was just there this afternoon getting a new front tyre fitted. Only got 12,000 miles from the old Michelin Pilot Road 2 :wink:

+1 I like these guys! Dropped in with no appointment. New pads fitted. Paid. Left. Done.

Bit late but N Wembley Motorcycles is good for tyres.

I use

+1 on north wembley tyres

open normally till around 6

Thanks guys and girls!

Will give it a try!

Nice one!

I’m really not looking forward to a puncture ;[
I keep checking my tires before each ride, I think I might be paranoid!

Nobody looks forwards to punctures. I’ve had them at 90mph and at 15mph, both are not nice, especially if you happen to be leant into a corner and going on the inside of an artic and thinking “why does does the bike feel so heavy!!!”