nads!!!!! what a shocker of a weekend


I’m on call this week, in 2 years I have not had much to do on the out of hours and when I have it has all been remote.

Nope not this weekend though, 2pm yesterday get a call from a client PC down come and sort it out, mate this will cost you a fortune, dont care, so I have to ride all the way to the office, pick up the parts all the way to heathrow airport (where they are based), get there look at the PC yer boned, get the HDD to replace wrong f*ing type.

So sorry fella nothing I can do, carry on as best I could but just nothing, so he is like ok come back tomorrow, so here I am again, racking up the hours put in the new HDD whack in the CD and FFS blue screen of death! so now having to download another copy of the OS.

what a shite weekend, yer ok I will be quids in with the OT and he will **** himself when he see’s a £1k bill on his desk but I would rather be at home!!


HDD - Hard Disk Drive
OS - Operating System
CD - Compact Disc
FFS - you should know this

and then last minute surprise of the MotoGP!