Hi All.

My name’s Jody, and i just passed my CBT for the 2nd time today (originally done it 5 years ago but it ran out before i got a chance to do the next test - i had a Derbi GPR50 back then). I currenly live in Borehamwood.

Haven’t got a bike yet, am looking around for the perfect 125. Any ideas anyone can give would be great.

Cheers all!!

Hi and welcome,

I’m sure you’ll find the perfect bike :smiley:

Hi there and welcome. :smiley:

welcome…depends if you want a fast n furious 2stroke or a reliable and user friendly 4 stroke…lots of pro’s and cons to both and plenty of models to choose from :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hello . I had a Honda CG - nothing went wrong and it really was reliable and nice looking (well to me) Know a couple of people who have them and none of them have any complaints either. Not the sports look though if that your thing - a bit more upright.

I did my CBT on a CG… i like it… im just used to the more sportier models… with a side stand :blush: I really struggled with the centre stand on the CG, but I’m sure it is something i could get used to…

Thanks for all the welcomes :smiley:

Hello and welcome :smiley: We can have a look in firstline on Saturday when I pick up my bike :w00t:

Hello and welcome, I brought a side stand from ebay when i had my CG, Chiswick Honda said they didnt do them… funny what you can find when you look :smiley:

I just put a deposit down on a CG today :smiley:

gonna start looking for those side stands right now.

Thanks :smiley:

Great Choice.

My wife has a CG - its a great little workhorse - very reliable and a lot of fun. I often borrow it.

hello and welcome

welcome to lb

Hi Jody a company in Kent put the side stand on my CG125. I am only 5’2" and found the main stand a struggle bought the CG after having a CBR125r am finding it much easier to ride could dig out the receipt if you want the name of garage and price.

That would be great if you could, thank you :smiley: