I’m Luke, 18 from Dartford. Passed my A2 licence July last year, and bought a VFR400R NC30:

I was about to chuck it in for a R6 but a car never indicated and I went into the side of him at a nasty speed:

After a few operations and stuff, I’ve started looking at bikes again. I should be buying a R6 in the next few months although I need one more operation so realisticly it’ll probably be early next year.

Elo mate i remember you from the 125cc forum Lol that bird had was a state mate what where you thinking

Neway welcome to the forum, not as much banter on here as 125cc but some useful info

Hey Luke, welcome to LB mate! Nice pictures! Shame about the accident So what’s going to happen now?

welcome to the site luke.

Hi Luke, welcome.

I remember you from the Boxhill site.

Hi luke,welcome to the site

Just getting the cash together for the stupidly high insurance on a R6 at 18.

Oh and I run http://www.bik3r.com.

Cheers all.

good morning luke and welcome!! hope to catcha at the cubana soon!

Welcome to LB Luke that off looked liked it hurt ALOT glad your on the mend have a look around its a great site

poke poke n SmacK with the newbie crutches

P.S Gixxer and better!

I broke several bones, but the main one was my arm:

Two weeks in a cast, I caught Pneumonia and was in hospital for 2 weeks. After I was let out, I had to wait 4 weeks for my lungs to clear before I could have the operation on my arm:

Ouch… I know the feeling to well

firstly welcome to LB. secondly, ouch, that must’ve hurt.

By the way, I live in Dartford too! well, just outside in Stone but I can walk to the town centre in about 15 mins.

Ouch looks painful mate welcome to the forum

Hi there.Welcome to LB

poke poke with the newbie stick