New to this website but I’ve been riding 7 years now.

Currently own a 1994 K1100RS with 140,000 miles

Nice bike but it failed the MOT on Saturday just gone so I’m taking it to H78 Motorcycles in Clapham later to get a quote. :slight_smile:

Safe riding, guys

Welcome to LB, you must be in the running for highest mileage bike on here

Yeah, they just go and go and go

To be fair to the bike, it only failed on the rear brake pads being low and some oil coming from the final drive onto the rear pads. Hoping that last bit isn’t a major thing… fingers crossed for later at the garage!!

welcome to LB. hopefully you’ll just need a new oil seal

Any idea what the cost would be for something like that? Very rough ballpark

There’s a place in Barking that works on those bikes for a reasonable price. An ex-colleague of mine goes there. I could find out more info if you’re interested.

Hey - would be worth knowing the contact details just in case. The MOT failure had a long list of reasons…

I’ve taken it to the local garage for now and he seemed very honest and open. We were looking at parts together on various sites.

He’s going to replace the rear brake disc so as he does that he can check the wheel bearing (advisory) and find what is leaking oil on to the disc (failure). From a quick look, he thought the bearing was loose (which would explain why it is showing wear) which could then explain why something like the seals could’ve come loose or damaged.

p.s. disc or disk… hmm

Hi Scott, welcome to LB! Good luck with the bike :slight_smile: Hope to see you down our Borough Market meet one evening.

Maybe when I have a better bike to show off haha

But yeah, I just seen the post for that and it looks like a great venue