n00b BCR run this weekend, Sun. 5th July

It you’d had it on autopilot that day you might have stayed on. :hehe: Oh & you can’t blame the second time on me can you. Or the first time for that matter. (although you clearly do)

I was going to post up if anyone wants to go out on a non noob BCR tomorrow, as it’s going to be hot so waiting for you running in that bike we’ll all melt by the side of the road. :w00t:

Hey, hey, hey! With my mental age I cant be held responsible!:stuck_out_tongue:


I just invited Glen from Len Wade motorcycles. If he turns up, he’ll be on a CBR4:cool:

BCR New Flash:

That black BMW unmarked Police BMW is on the prowl around Gt Dunmow again…:wink:

If there is room for one more can i tag along?

List so far:

MAD-DOG Dhofty
JeanPaul (maybe)

If you need the meet point, please let me know.

Otherwise, see you to leave at 8:30.

Oi organising girl!!! Next time I wave at you on the A406 near the Iron Bridge give me a wave back:D:D

I nodded, OK? :slight_smile:

Not comfortable taking one hand off my handlebars to wave yet…

Ok this time,after all this riding you’re doing I’ll expect a big flamboyant wave next time:cool:

Are you out tomo Silky?:w00t:

Sadly not,I’ll be at work.Will miss the spectacle of you stripping off:w00t: Did a mini one today with Ratty and his mate after work.:smiley:

Right, I’ve hardly been on the BCR at all yet this summer. No excuses tomorrow though, so you see you normal time, normal place.

Might pop along too, want to try and learn the route and pay a bit more attention to my lines - all a bit of a blur last few times!!!

Hey <A id=_ctl1_ctlTopic_ctlPanelBar_ctlTopicsRepeater__ctl23_smAuthorName class=SmlBoldLinks onmouseover=“window.status = window.location;return true;” onmouseout=“window.status=’’;return true;” href=“void(’’);”>Broady , I’m on LB , Ratty’s mate lol who tagged along , good ride earlier apart from me getting a stomach ache , Word of warning guys make sure you eat properly otherwise your gana feel like crap and wont enjoy the ride as much as you want to , altho ratty reckons it was down to nerves that I got a stomach ache perhaps that was the case but either way make sure you eat before going out on a long ride . :hehe:

You out again tomo then?:w00t: Beans on toast before I leave tomo!:w00t:

hang on, its been a while… what is the normal time?

not going to make it in the morning but will be at high beach at some point mid day:) have fun ppl

Can’t make this week either. Have fun. :slight_smile:

I think 8.00-8.15 to leave at 8.30?

Word has it that Plod are monitoring this thread and are aware that, That Bike will be making an appearance on todays BCR. BCR sources say that Essex Police have taken “Counter Measures”!



I am an idiot and I have learnt my lesson.

I will not use the space under my pillion seat as a hand bag.

I have jammed my lock.

No phone. No wallet = no money, and I can’t get into the gym :frowning:

Is my only solution to snap my seat off?

Nice ride to Finch today. Thanks to all who came.