n00b BCR run this weekend, Sun. 5th July

Same time. Same place.

125s and those who like to take it easy, and build upon roadcraft invited.

Post if interested.

Will PM details of meet for new riders.

See you there!


Good chance we’ll be around this weekend though don’t want to say 100% because we might be finally going leathers shopping :smiley:

Oh Nooooooooooooooooo!! :D:D:D

Is that “Oh Noooo!”: Another n00b BCR, or “Oh Noooooo”: Mr-C is coming?

Good on you for organising this Rene, unfortunately I am away this weekend… :frowning:

Not for me this weekend I’m afraid. Budapest and lagers a plenty for stag do II for this year.

Enjoy, and watch Dev on those roundabouts :w00t:

PS Renee does Dave drive through Parliament Square on the way to work at around 8ish? Saw an orange Speed 4 pull up next to me at the lights but wasn’t sure if it was him or not,

Most mornings I head over Lambeth Bridge at around 8:45. I wouldn’t be going as far as Parliament Sq. And 8am is way too early :stuck_out_tongue:

Why does Oh Noooooo Mr-C is coming get more o’s … bitch :stuck_out_tongue:

I needed more o’s to compensate for the lack of !

So, is anyone actually coming?

I have to run-in the rebuilt engine on The Riot so I’m in if you’ll have me?:slight_smile:

I’ll be there - my trusty “rib poker” has had to go back to her mums at short notice … she should be back in time to help us get there … but if not we’ll have to wing it for directions :smiley:

EDIT : scrap that - if Mr Sneaky is happy to lead the way - then with any luck I’ll pick the route up and lead us there more often :slight_smile:

It That Bike. As soon ar it crosses the A12 it automatically selects “BCR Attack Mode”! Its on autopilot from then on and I dont really need to be there:D Thats unless that Moto needs to break my knee again!:blush:

The Riot … with a soul of its’ own



Thats jackal, The Riot is the real deal!:stuck_out_tongue:

fugging A maaaaaaaaaaaaan

THAT BIKE was in 'Nam too…i know…i was there maaaaaaaaan:D


Course we will!

Looking forward to seeing you again.

i’ll pop along for a run also :slight_smile: been wanting to get the bike back on the road:D

Sorry, y’barred!:stuck_out_tongue: