n00b BCR run this weekend 27 or 28 June


Just wondering if anyone is interested in a 125 BCR run this weekend?

Will be nice and slow. slow. s l o w

I am not sure if it would be on a Saturday or a Sunday.

And it depends on the weather too.

Let me know,


i keep meaning to take a friend of mine on the BCR route, she has an SV650, a restricted one, she will be goign at roughly 125 speed, may tag along if its ok? will let you know, i need to speak with her first!:slight_smile:

I’m in! :slight_smile:

Cant wait for this, best ride I’ve had since started biking last time we did the country lane stuff! :smiley:

Prefer Sunday though if its saturday i’ll still go! will we be back before 2.30 u think?

I can do saturday :stuck_out_tongue:

Cant do sunday as doing a 5km for Cancer Research

Sorry, can’t do it. Bike is out of commission for at least 3 weeks. I hope you all have fun.


Looks like it could be Saturday then.
Is the weather supposed to be better on Sunday though? Gah!

I want to go to Wimbledon, but I guess I could go in the late afternoon.

I def cant do this saturday now :crying: GUTTED! sorry guys :frowning:

I’d be keen, however,…

Is this going to be absurdly early on Saturday? Cos I’m at Karaoke on Fri Night. Given how much I love the sound of my own voice, and that they don’t close till 3am, really early start could be hard/illegal.

OK, so Sunday then?

Not me them, will be recovering from a 5km in Old Deer Park :smiley:

Count me in, where’s the meet point?

OK, so it will be Sunday.

At the moment it just looks like:


Anyone else interested?

For 08:30 AM.

I will pm details of meet point.

Hi there,

I’m interested to join this one. I ride a 400 so it won’t be too fast plus I’ll like to think that I’m a rider on the safe side. Is it too late to tag along?

I’ll be up for this. I ride at 125 speeds anyway! :slight_smile:

Tailgunner perhaps?

Been meaning to try the BCR but not at the usual speeds!

i’d be up for this

if it’s getting too crowded, could possibly be in another group of over 125s? (would be happy to stay in the 125 group tho, on twisties i’d probably be playing catchup anyway:))

For Sunday 8:30 sharp.


Any others?

If I am leading this, it will be nice and slow :slight_smile:

Some of us are meeting at the same time as you for a normal BCR so we’ll see you at the roundabout & at Bosworth’s. :slight_smile:

…and then never again on the route!

Depends who leaves first. :smiley:

Oh I think it’d be safest if you guys did, remember the Chr!s incident?