N/1996 Pug 306 XSI 2.0 - Tax'd & MOT'd

Im selling my 306 XSI - its a really nice little car thats in great condition for its age, I’ve only owned it for about 6 weeks & selling as I’ve bought a Renault Megane.

Recently had it serviced, new cambelt etc when the water pump etc was replaced

Heres a link to the ebay ad for it, optimistic price this close to xmas at £1595 but Im open to offers! Try me :slight_smile:


You’ve got one of those new 2 year MoT’s . . . :wink:

Doh! ha ha cheers Steve

tidy car mate :slight_smile:

£995 ono - needs to go :slight_smile:

if that was lower cc i might have had that.

Its only a 2.0 :smiley:

Insurance is Group 12

I used to own an exact same model - was a great car and cheap(ish) to run. Still pretty spirited for an 8V, and handled fairly well. I pretty much gave mine away in a p/ex deal.

Good luck with the sale

I have a full K&N filtercharger kit (unused) and still boxed for this model for sale VERY cheap if you are interested.:wink:

Thanks mate but wouldnt be of any use to me but if someone on here buys the car & wants the car with the K&N I’ll buy it off you and fit it for its new owner :slight_smile:

No worries. Just remember to mention to the new owner where they can acquire a nice K&N kit for it for peanuts! Ta!

Sorry to be cheeky on your thread but it’s been sat here for about 4 years gathering dust and I never got round to flea-baying it;)

Open to offers…

Is sold now :slight_smile: