Mystery part

ok… anyone know what this is? I just opened the front door and found a crate of a lot of them in my name. I never ordered them or have any idea what they are. Only clue I can give is that they came from spain and from a company seemed to called Frenos Iruna S.A.L (internet says they make brakes)… receipt is very old school, hand written with not much information… They contain mineral fluids and have a bolt on the end sticking out!

As others on FB suggested, this is probably some sort of m/c but thought I’d put it out there… :smiley:

Crack pipe?

Ah yes, I had forgot I was planning to turn into Walter White… :smiley:

It all started with your avatar :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks like rear mastercylinder but it has no mounting points and a **** mounting for the reservoir…

well it’s all irrelevant now as the courier company will come to collect at some point… :smiley:

How much did they cost, according to the receipt?

there’s no receipt… :slight_smile: