My xr

my Xr 400 needs a bit of work but aint had it long any ideas










Hi, I like the bike! Excellent to start on as a first big bike. The rear tyre’s so square, replace it asap, u’ll notice the difference! How cheap was it ? What’s the mileage? I’m looking for a 2nd bike like that - supermoto. I started on an XT 350 and then 600. Quite fancy an R30. What’s the seat height like on the XR400? is it kick start only?

Enjoy your new bike!

Thanks mate ye its a bit of a change than my 125 i was used to lol ye the tyer was just a part worn to get me on the road i gt 2 set of wheels for it the 17in exile rims and the original 21in rims with winter tires on ,i only paid 685 for the bike ,and ye i like the r30s i looked at one as well , sits up high and the bike weights under 100kg and ye kick start only no indicators or mirrors or nout but am thinking about getting a few mirrors , one prob i get is that i need a smaller chain and a smaller rear sporket bec its gt no top end will sit at 60 easy but u can push it to 90 but it screams .

With that numberplate where it is you’re going to get pulled over quite a bit… :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

That’s a bargain at that price ! What’s the mileage? Those bikes are not built for top speed. 60 on the back wheel though… lots fun to be had… ha ha Can it pass an MOT then without indicators/mirrors? Who needs them anyways…

I think they’re allowed as it is an enduro bike. Looks great ! It’s actually perfectly positioned for wheelies :smiley:

Nice bike, thinking about getting one of these for my next project…

That looks like a right laugh. Gotta get one of them things soon. :slight_smile:

thanks guys ye it is great fun just slowly getting used to wheeling it and it endows well and ye it only needs a horn ,correct size number plate ,back and front lights and a speddo for the mot :slight_smile: gunna spend a bit of money on it ,like big 350mm front oversize disc ,new exhaust and a few over bits just gunna have a play around hopeing to have this as a play bike and get another one for work . ill be up blackheath tea hut Wednesday night if any one about

sorry forgot to add 12,000 miles

looks good, a lot of bike for the money… only advice i have is don’t leave it on those double yellows too long :slight_smile:

welcome to to supermoto gang:cool:

as said change the rear tyre and try a avon pxr front wet.

a few links to get a fresh look

i got this chain in blue but they do different colours, there non 0 ring mx chain so easy to remove from bike to clean:)

sorry all links are eBay just quickest way to point a few parts out.

also if you need any other bling parts you need to ask sneaky mcC about “the plop riot”:smiley: you’ll see what i mean very soon…

thanks for the advice mate :smiley: i will have a look at them links ive allready gt a few bits coming ill uploads more photos as the bike changes :slight_smile: and wats the “the plop riot” .

Who cares what it looks like! Spend money on brakes, tyres and fuel and ride it!

Lol you are right jimshoe but there is something about supermoto that makes you keep spending and that’s b4 they blow up Haha I’ve stopped counting the cos of mine after £2000 & that’s nothing compared to asbo and his bank busting build

gorgeous :slight_smile: