My 'Wish/Want/Get List' is growing

Can someone point my wallet in the direction of:

Need orange overspill/breather hoses…(for fuelling, oil breathers etc)

Orange coolant hose. i believe its 10mm hose

Mirror (maybe) I want it to wrap over, or under the handguard. Not stick out but give me a little view behind me.

Cheers Ladies.

Mirror: Like this

Anyone got an pics?

How about something like these:

I think they’re CRG folding bar end mirrors, looks like they’ll fit inside handguards too. I’m looking at getting something similar soon.

…oh and hoses here:

They look gay.


I want a curve mirror that goes over top of handguard or under.

They’ll look perfect on your KTM then! :smiley:

not the first time I’ve been referenced to that pic…

I guess it’s all kinds of wrong that I LOVE that bike…

hehehe only jesting m8 :smiley:

There’s shed-loads on Ebay

It would only be wrong if you were a heterosexual male I suppose :wink:

Samco hose kit is what i had on the 660smc, got some nice blue GMX coolant hose for the exc to fit. better off investing £220 on that STM slipper clutch that is on ktm forum :slight_smile:

Yeah saw the clutch… bit out my price range at mo…i think ill upgrade to a EXC first :smiley:

Not wanting to copy you i also liked the blue…

Prob will go for orange though :satisfied:

Be different and go for blue