my winter hack

now the sv is dead, welcome honda cb 250. what a thing. but to be fair it goes ok. up for £490, I paid £450 and got a free lid chucked in as I had gone all the way to the shop withouth my helmet no mot but he said he’d put right what an mot picked up. its 911 motorcylces in wimbledon, soon to be called nexus.

anyone know if its normal to idle at around 2000 revs?, and why it starts on one cylinder but eventually second one kicks in?

its 1993, an alleged 18000 miles on the clock.

when insurance sorted i’ll be shopping for my second weekend bike. the missus is well confused how I have managed to get her to agree to a second bike when its been her life long devoted aim to allow me only one. I’m free it seems, but for the cash!

see you around, if you see me, i’ll be wobbling away from the lights and putting my feet down to stop again!

turn the idle down to about 1250-1400rpm

change the plugs , likley why its running poorly at startup , if that doesnt cure it you may need to clean the carbs out