My well loved Yamaha R6 is for sale !!! :-(

SOLD !!!



How much!!! Nice bike man…Love them old R6’s

Give you 2600 cash. Can Have it collected tommorow?


No thank you.:slight_smile:

Arrrggghhh this is just what I was looking for as my next bike!! But I need to be sensible and wait until I move in September!! :frowning:

This one has done 7000miles and he want £2650 or near offer??

Not to rain on your parade or suggest you should sell it to Moto, but that does seem quite steep for a 2001 R6. Well looked after, low mileage will put it nearer the top end of the price range, but £3,400 is a fair bit above that top end.

Thats steep!

Maybe i should ask more for mine!

Don’t mean to sound rude, but why don’t you buy that one then, rather than this one ?

Yes, its high , but I am not desperate to sell it, so why not price it at that? :satisfied:

I saw that one after I offered you £2600. Have offered him
£2400 hopefully he will bite my hand off like you should of done!

£3400 lol it’s 10 years old man!!!

Got a song for you,

Did someone off here buy it??