My weird night at the ace on Saturday

I was bored was there all day just hanging about. I kept leaving then coming back (short blast to keep me awake) anyway later in the evening about 10pm I pulled in and these Polish guys got on there hands and knees in front of me begging me! It turns out one of em had never been on the back of a bike before! So I took him out for a bit and he came back pale lol!

Anyway as I came back there was an old guy called Roy standing with this big group of people and he owned a Buell City lightning! Ok I confess I like Buells I know I know its a harley. Anyway got chatting and within 5 mins this guys hands me the keys to his Buell and says take it for a spin! What! No way! So I did just up the road and man is it fast! I would buy one as a hoon bike they sre serious fun! I ended up chatting to Roy for about 2 hours! Very nice bloke and was one of lifes gentlemen that you dont meet often! Nice world this sometimes!

What a weird night though! Just shows what the biking community can surprise you with!

Sounds like you did better then me Terry! I fancy a ride on a Buell…

Well I have been into the motard thing for a bit as well and I love them. The Buell is like a motard but a lot more agressive with its grunt to the point where its quite frightening. The handling is so light and chucks into corners so fast!

Hmmmm, riding a Buell would be interesting and they definately stand out from the “normal” bikes (like my 2005 Gixxer-6 ). Not sure about track use though.

Yes, I too have had strange bike meetings like 10pm on a Tuesday night, roundabout in the middle of nowhere, chatting to some guy on a blade when I was learning to get my kneedown… random…

I forget which bike mag it was but they rated the Buell as the best handling road bike ever! Out handles most sportbikes apparently, due to the oil being in the swingarm, petrol in the frame the bike is so minimal and has racing views in mind. Very impressive though. The guy had a vance and Hines pipe on his too and it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo loud.

The Buell Firebolt was rated the second best flickable cornering bike a little while back, so with regards to the track I would say it would be a very capable machine

You are clearly more trusting than me… I was asked by this Polish lad if he could borrow my lid so this lass could get a ride on a bike… (was it you shaking your head at me? )

Cant remember mate but I took the Polish lad out and the old bloke Roy lent his lid to the kid! I made sure I proper mullered it one when he jumped on, he was holding on for dear life! lol

Sorry mate dont know what u look like. Have we met before?

Ermmm I don’t think we’ve met… I was outside the front of the Ace about 9-9.30 ish with some friends who weren’t on bikes… I was wearing a manky spidi jacket and black Shoei lid… standing in close proximity to my red/white CB1300… If it was you, then you were shaking your head in the background so I didn’t lend the lid…

I’ve sat on a Buell before and it was rather comfy, until Chuff pointed out that my feet were on the riders pegs, as opposed to the pillion ones!!

They race them too.

They try to race them, problem is, they keep breaking down.

I went past the Ace on Saturday, twice. Had to returned some stuff to Ikea on North circular I had bought midweek. I did think of stopping on the way back but went and spent another £170. With a boot full of crap I couldn’t as there are certain unsavoury elements that hang around there now and I would not feel comfortable leaving my car unattended. So it was home for a Chinese in front of the Tele.

Sunday was a write off too. I had arranged to go to the IRB Rugby Sevens at Twickenham with my brother. Spent all day drinking, then staggered home and passed out on sofa. Beautiful weather but the bike didn’t get a look in all weekend.

Hey cesar check these out, you will get an hour! i did