My vans been nicked again

Almost a year on and bastards have broke into my sons new car smashed the window pushed his car out the way hooked up my van with a winch and driven off this time tho they only got 20 ft their winch snapped whilst trying to tow my van away , I don’t keep anything in the van any more and I keep the bike round my sisters. , still done a few hundred quids worth of damage to my sons car tho!!

So be extra vigilant lb members and if you see a White pick up missing it’s winch let me know , police have taken the winch to see if there’s any finger prints so might get lucky and find the bastards…

I’ll be impressed if they do… What a bunch of cheeky fuggers

exactly the same as last year if they do find them they will find the **** that did it last year!!

Bet anything it’s the same scum !!
Only. This time they didn’t get **** all apart from a broken winch and red paint on their truck . :wink:

Cannot believe they tried it again…are they stupid or what, Glad you learnt from what happened and they got diddly squat this time, i hope they get nailed this time :angry:

You’re kidding!!! Glad you dont keep the bike in the van anymore, could have been so much worse… they’ve obviously got you on a list mate, just make it as hard as possible for them. :slight_smile: