my three bikes from the us arrive next month...hurrah

got my 2 750 h2’s and another Suzuki gt750 kettle coming in from the US in june…its only been over a year since i bought them…had real problems due to the death in a road accident of my contact in US…but at last they are on their way here…willbe out on them soon…ooh that will be fun…

showoff :w00t::w00t::w00t::D:D:D

Have fun TS - you deserve it x

Remember how quickly the H2’s run out of gas. Something to do with 10/14 to the gallon if used with verve. But worth every penny for the crack.

Got a soft spot for the old “kettle”. Got a well deserved speeding pull by a m/c copper on one of those. He let me go after he’d had a short (20 minutes?) run on it. Just to make sure it was all legal and roadworthy, you understand.

Bargain, even if he did get through a lot of gas and rear tyre.