My Theory Test

I’ve been revising for my Theory test by completing lots of the example tests from the official CD. Over the last week I’ve been consistently scoring 33 out of 35 and then looking up about the 2 I get wrong. Only once in the past week have I managed to fail, 28/35 on a test I had loads that I hadn’t seen before. I was fairly confident heading over to Southgate.

First few questions go by, no problem, recognized them… then a few started popping up which I hadn’t seen and I began to worry. Anyway I plodded on, making educated guesses where necessary. There were perhaps 6-8 I really wasn’t sure about and by the time the Hazard Perception started I had convinced myself there was no point as I’d screwed up the first part.

I continued through the perception test, using the ‘3 click when you see a hazard’ method and felt it wasn’t really too difficult.

On coming out, they handed me a printout, pretty much straight away. The fist thing I noticed was it had a certificate inside the folded sheets On opening it out and reading the result, I got 34/35 and 59/75

Only thing that can stop me on the 29th now is a forgotten indicator cancellation or the dreaded U turn

Congrats mate! CBT will be fine

well done!.. one thing that nearly got me on my practical was riding too slow, make sure you know the limits where you are riding and drive at that speed, if its a 30 drive 30, and so on, got 8 minors for being slow (driving 35 in a 40)

Great result Andy … knew you’d do it !

Just remember … TYFIO on the practical

(Turn Your F’ing Indicator Off)

Congrats old son . . . You’ll be fine with the practical . . . Heed GGs advice tho and on the U turn just remember to look at the point you want to get to, not at the examiner etc

Remember, the examiner isn’t like a car examiner, they’re much nicer and probably actually wants you to pass, but just needs to be sure you’re up to it. Don’t panic and you’ll be just fine…

Good luck

I remember the thing I was worried about the most was the u turn. When the time came, it had started to pee it down, my examiner was too busy putting on his rain suit at the side of the road to look at what I was doing, luckily though, I managed it without putting a foot wrong

Well done mate, now you`ve got the easy bit to do.

Thanks all CBT is done Pixie, did that Feb 10th. Did day 1 of DAS on Saturday just gone. Days 2 and 3 due on the 28th and 29th

Well done - good luck on the practical

well done with the 1st bit, the riding is the fun bit so enjoy it


Well done, and don’t worry about the practical, it’s nerves that make for ****-ups! Treat it as a practice, and be delighted when you pass.