My stolen / recovered bike . . .

. . has been WRITTEN OFF . . . by the insurance company . . .
They reckon that the repair bill would exceed £3000 !!!
Now I gotta wait n see what they offer me as settlement . . .
I need a bike :o(
TL 1000 or TT600 - budget around £2k I reckon

TL1000R is the one to go for

With any luck they will offer you a slightly molested Monster for something silly like £500…If they dont and you do want it, just ask. Salvage bikes you buy back will be cat C or D, worth a bit less for it, but otherwise just the same bike.

When I tried to buy mine back they said it would be 40% of the settlement price

when my bike was wrote off they offered me the bike back for £200
they just took £200 off the cheque they sent me for the bike pay out

and sold it for £500

so dont give them a price let them give it to you!
say you will go and take it to your mates scrap yard and they give you scrap moey for it which we all know is f**k all!

i actually made money off my last bike being wrote off a profit of £1200!!!

I bought mine back for £2500 and sold it for £3800 in about 4 hours (and people were queueing for it).