My ST1100 needs a new owner, and a bit of fixing.

It’s been sat on the drive for ages as I pretend to try to sell it:

But I could do with the space back. I’ve no idea how much it’s worth (though I suspect it’s a fair bit less than £600) so make me an offer if you like.

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Firstly, since it’s a bit of a sticking point sometimes - this bike doesn’t currently have an MOT - needs tyres and a new battery to get through an MOT. It passed the last one (2012) absolutely fine, but the tyres are now bald and the battery ended up in a different bike. I can probably trailer it to you, though. I bought this bike about 4 years ago for a weekly commute between London and Cambridgeshire; I moved back to London around a year ago and haven’t ridden it since so it’s probably time to sell it. For the three years (~30K miles) I had it I was fairly strict with the servicing, and I’ve done some work on it: * replaced the swingarm (these are tricky to get hold of!) * replaced brake calipers * minor engine service ~10K miles ago * new headset & wheel bearings Included are bits of and for some potential projects that never got off the ground: * Extra pair of panniers * Police seat hump and half-seat * Spare half-seat * Very torn full-seat that I wanted to make into a heated one It has some issues: * Both tyres are worn * There is no battery * The throttle cable’s rusted and needs replacing * One of the fork seals needs replacing * The right-hand wing mirror is broken and so is the plastic cover (it got blown over) * The exhaust blows (the gaskets between the collector box and the silencer need replacing) * There’s only four pannier locks (enough for one pair, but there’s two pairs here) and one of the panniers has a broken hinge. One of them’s quite heavily scratched. * The little plastic covers over the ‘wings’ are cracked I’ve several more pictures in a Google Picasa photo album. You can probably find it by searching for “Avi Greenbury” on Google Plus, or email me and I’ll send you a link; I’m happy to take any more photos and add them to that if you like. The engine starts and runs fine - I was using this daily until last summer - and so I’m happy to start the bike off a battey I have here for anyone who wants to check it really does work.

Great bike in very good price, should’t be here for long. Looks like easy project.

Yeah, it’s all fairly easy work, it’s just a little tatty. I can help get hold of parts if anyone’s up for it but less so on the finding-bits front.

If it will be still for sale in about 3-4 weeks I’ll be interested.

My brother and I were tempted by this project but we don’t have the storage area for it right now. We both like bigger bikes (had FJ1200) and touring! one day it will happen!

Good luck with the sale as these are awesome bikes. Why do you think the police used them for so long!

Said this ad no longer available a few days again, assume its sold?

Nah, it’s just expired :frowning: me_groovy’s pasted the text from it and there’s pictures here:

I’ll stick another one up on Gumtree shortly.

Other photos at the link.


Sold, to me