My Son's first bike

As it is half term this week, me an the nipper spent the morning putting the following video together, hopefully he is doing okay a month into riding his first bike.

great vid:cool: reminds me of my pw50 i got at 7yrs, still got it:w00t:

Lovely video:)

Reminds me so much of my son when we started him at 7 on a PeeWee:cool:

He’s 20 now, oh how the time flies:w00t:

brilliant video! he’s a lucky boy, top dad:cool:

and hes got the hang of it all right! Cooney 47:D

That’s brilliant :slight_smile: Wheelies soon?

Well cool, Great kid. Look forward to do that with my son, got a few years yet.
Where are you based as it does not look like the London area?

Keep up the riding and look forward to see the next vid with wheelies and Jumps!

Haha excellent!!! :D:D:D

How old is the wee lad? No doubt we’ll see knee-down action within 3 months :wink:

Brilliant progress in a month. :slight_smile:

Smart :smiley:

Moto GP here he comes :smiley:

Just seen this on

Small world;)

Thats wicked!!! :D:P:D