My shift just got alot better....

A mate pulled up in his car that hes borrowing…

Just took it for a spin…fast.

and now hes off to get a Phantom, I said BS but hes on his way round now with one, should be here in an hour or 2…:smiley:

erm…its a car?

erm…better than a sh1t sv1000:P

lol well at least my sv would **** all over your katiem…in straight line:D

its a my ccks bigger than yours car isnt it…what they call them…oh yeh pens extensions:D;)

jewel u lucky bugger

a 200K car mate…

I know what I’d rather have over an SV:D…

THe car, sell it, buy a Desmodici and race it for a couple years:D:D

Typical response for someone who cant afford one…

Nor can I but they are still gorgeous…

Just because someone can buy one, doesn’t make them a ****/loser/small willy:)

defo a lil **** car:D

now thats a plan!:smiley:

yeh probably…

i’ll never afford one…id spend teh money on a hanger full of bikes instead!

cos cars are shite:D

i know it doesnt…im fugging about…lighten up maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan;)

nice to have a drive of tho, nice one

oh im not worthy you roundyroundtheroundabout master:P

i told you i’ve moved on now!:smiley:

You lucky bugger.

Very nice :slight_smile: