My RSV-R stolen from West London

Freaking mongrels!

Last night my 2000 RSV-R was nicked from the front of my place in Shepherds Bush. I live not too far from Kensington Olympia station and someone has took it last night. It is a black and red RSV-R. I didn’t see the guys that did it. I loaded it up last night with my panniers (no stuff in them luckily) as the mrs and me were heading out tonight to visit some friends in Wiltshire tonight. Went downstairs this morning and it wasn’t there. They must have lifted it. I am really pissed obviously.

If anyone has seen it around the area please let me know. I am happy to put up a £500 reward for its return. I am sure they would have taken the number plate off but it was W277 HJO. I only moved to london less than a year ago and have had my stereo stolen from my van and now the bike. So devastating!

Thanks for your help


Sorry to read this :ermm:

I hope you get something sorted asap

Mate hope you get it back…

I live near Wembley… will have a look out…

Did you have any locks on it?

Any pictures?

Really sorry to hear this…Hope you get it back :smiley:

Sorry to hear that. It’s a zhit area for theft and burglary. If you stay another year, you’ll find the shirt you’re wearing is stolen too.

Best to put it on the Aprilia boards. These look like really nice bikes too. Not as popular as Japanese fours but the RSV4 has probably twigged more interest for the brand.

There are loads of bikes going in the area of late. Judging by what they are, it seems a lifting team’s in operation. Sorry to hear they had yours, fella.